‘We are receiving more and more applications from families and to meet this need we plan to build another 80 Wizzybugs this year and also replace 25 that are worn out, so your support is very timely.

We received this message a short while ago from Sam’s family (not his real name), which sums up the Loan Scheme and the positive outcomes from donors’ support:

“Sam is doing great in his Wizzybug. Sam asks to go in there several times a day and he absolutely loves his freedom. He has really perfected his driving; he also asks every day to go out and about - if not he throws the biggest tantrum. I can’t explain in words how much Sam is benefiting from the Wizzybug on a daily basis. Every day is a different day with his Wizzybug. We are so very grateful to you for changing our lives in such a positive way. Wizzybug has made a massive positive impact on our daily routine. He is a completely different child and he learns new things every day.”’